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Food Drive and Packing Party

Providing meals to students in need for Spring break


in partnership with

Support Our Packing Party!

Saturday, February 25th

Join us as we provide meals for children during Spring Break! Our nonprofit partner, Lovepacs, is on a mission to engage communities to feed children in need as an expression of Love. We will be packing and decorating lovepacs (box meal-kits) and creating love notes to provide to the under-resourced children and families in our community. The boxes will go home with the children over the Spring Break when there is no school meal program available.



1. Participate at Our Packing Party

We'll be co-hosting a packing party with our friends at Better Me Fitness and Performance on Saturday, February 25th, from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. Their facility is located at 1518 Navo Rd B-7, Aubrey, TX 76227 (adjacent to Paloma Creek Elementary and Navo Middle Schools). It'll be a fun-filled time for your entire family to come out and give back to those in need. The mealkits will be delivered to the students at their respective schools on Monday, March 6th.

Click Here to tell us you're coming and/or what you are donating!

2. Give to Our Food Drive Now Through Wednesday, February 22nd

We need to fill 160 boxed meal-kits or "Lovepacs." Each box will contain the following items that we are in need of:

  • 1 - Box of Cereal (160 total)

  • 8 - 15 oz Cans of Veggies, Variety (1,280 total)

  • 4 - 15 oz Cans of Fruit, Variety (640 total)

  • 2 - 15 oz Cans of Pasta, Variety (e.g. Ravioli, Beeferoni, etc.; 320 total)

  • 2 - 15 oz Cans of Soup, Variety (320 total)

  • 2 - 5 oz Cans of Chicken or Tuna (320 total)

  • 1 - 20 oz Jar of Jelly (Plastic Only; 160 total)

  • 1 - 16 oz Jar of Peanut Butter (Plastic; 160 total)

  • 3 - 3 oz Packets of Ramen (480 total)

  • 3 - 7 oz Boxes of Mac & Cheese (480 total)

  • 8 - Instant Oatmeal Packets (1,280 total)

  • 8 - Granola Bars (1,280 total)

  • 10 - Individually Wrapped Snacks, Variety (1,600 total)

Click here to see our Amazon wishlist if you'd like to assist with helping us obtain food items. You can use it to help you shop in-store then simply drop the items off at our house (email us for address) or have them shipped directly to us.

3. Donate Now 

We appreciate your giving financially so we may shop for the needed items listed above. $46 is all it takes to fill one box full of food. That's less than $5 a day to cover for one school week while these kids will be out on Spring Break! Any donations above the needed amount to fulfill the 160 meal-kits will be used to restock our inventory for the next packing party and any left over food items will be donated directly to Lovepacs. Click here to donate by selecting "Food Drives" from the dropdown.

4. Share This Opportunity With Others

We appreciate you bringing awareness to this wonderful service opportunity by sharing it on all social media platforms that you're on. Simply copy, paste, and share the following link:


Please contact us at

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