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Have you ever wanted to know what it would like like to be discipled? Or make you want to learn how you can disciple others? Maybe you just want to see what Jesus did and not just hear what He said. Whether your reason is one of those or another, the Gospel of Mark is a great book to start with when beginning to read the Bible. It's short, too the point, and packed with great details about Jesus' life and ministry.


This Bible Study will walk you through the Gospel of Mark in depth with bite-size readings each day over the course of 17 weeks. Not only will you learn more about Jesus through Mark's writings but you'll learn more about Jesus as a servant and disciple maker.


This Bible study guide was designed with you in mind. It's a question based study guide but also offers insight into how to do S.O.A.P. Notes and a Word Study. Prayerfully, you will keep this guide by your side  well after we finish it this go round. The option(s) you don't choose today will provide you another opportunity 2, 4, or even 10 years from now to enjoy the Gospel of Mark again and again, in a totally new way!


If you're interested in a bulk purchase for a small group or organization, please contact us at with subject line "Bulk Bible Study."

Gospel of Mark Bible Study - Part 1

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